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Small Intimate Wedding Reception Venue

Are you getting married but not sure where to have your reception?


Are you looking for somewhere small and intimate for your wedding reception, maybe something a little bit different?


Perhaps some unusual guests? Then we could be just what you're looking for.


We offer you the opportunity to celebrate your wedding reception here at Slowhayes Alpacas, on our small farm, no large crowds or loud music, just the sound of nature surrounding you and the gentle humming of our beautiful alpacas.  


We keep the total guests to a maximum of 15 allowing you and your guests to celebrate your day in a more special and personal way.

Please email or call to discuss your hopes and dreams.

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Alpaca Photos

We are often asked if we can bring our Alpacas to a wedding, we don't do that, we would rather you came to see them.  Having your reception here, means you get the opportunity to have some lovely informal natural photos with some extra special guests, our alpacas welfare is of the utmost importance and therefore we feel they would feel happier in their own environment, they do enjoy having their photo taken so it's a great opportunity to be close to them, we can talk about them so your guests will learn a little bit about them too.  A lovely way to celebrate for the whole wedding party.

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