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Alpaca Fibre

"Suri Alpaca fibre is like no other natural fibre in the world"


Suri Fibre has a natural lustre to it and can feel like silk to the touch.  It is a sustainable environmentally friendly product and contains no lanolin making the fibre hypo-allergenic. In todays world where animal welfare is important to us as well as caring for the  environment, we want a fibre that doesn't cause harm to an animal and does not cause harm to our enviroment.  Alpaca fibre is exactly that and is the way forward without a doubt.

We are pleased to be a part of working towards a more environmentally friendly planet using fibre that is cruelty free.

Our alpacas are sheared once a year which is carried out with care and compassion. The alpacas feel nice and cool in the summer after being sheared and their fleece grows back in time for the winter ensuring they are warm and cosy by the time the weather turns cold. The fibre can then be sold either in its raw form or processed to make items of clothing. We have some lovely hats, scarves, headbands, Rugs made from our own alpacas who are still happily grazing in the fields. We also sell alpacas duvets and pillows.

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Do you have any Suri Fleece or Yarn?

We sometimes buy quality Suri fleece and  yarn to add to ours  so if you have any for sale, please do get in touch.

(No Alpacas are harmed during the shearing process and they feel much better afterwards in the hot summer sun).

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