Volunteers needed for the following:

Poo picking fields

Water trough filling up

Hay racks filled

Vegetable patch help


If you can help please get in touch to find out more.

Volunteer work

Looking after animals takes a lot of time and care.  There is always something to do, whether its fixing fences, poo picking the fields, filling up water troughs or tending to the vegetable patch, its always good to have an extra pair of helping hands. 

Are you Retired? - We need your help to create an organic vegetable patch

Do you have more time on your hands now that you are retired? do you enjoy being outdoors in a peaceful environment? if the answer is yes,  then maybe you might consider volunteering here to help create and help look after the vegetable patch? A chance to help me learn more about growing vegetables without using pesticides.

So whether you are retired or a younger person, we always have something to do, and a chance for you to get outdoors and spend some time here on our small farm, please email or call for a chat.


Please note these are volunteer positions so not paid work.

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