Volunteers needed for the following:

Poo picking fields

Water trough filling up

Hay racks filled

Odd job/handy person

Mucking out field shelters

Moving hay bales

If you can help with any of the above please get in touch to find out more and have a friendly chat.

Volunteer work

Looking after animals takes a lot of time and care.


There is always something to do, whether its fixing fences, odd jobs around the farm or poo picking the fields, filling up water troughs or moving bales of hay.

So whether you are retired or a younger person, we always have something to do. This is an opportunity to join our team as a voluteer,  enjoy some time outdoors and in nature around our animals, 


Please email or call for a chat.


Please note these are volunteer positions so not paid work. We are looking for volunteers that can help on a regular basis and are reliable. Hours are flexible but you  must be prepared to turn up in all weathers as animals will still need to be cared for.


Must be kind and gentle with the animals.

The rewards are being surrounded by nature and animals in a calm and relaxed enviroment with friendly faces.