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Hangout with a Herdwick Sheep

Sometimes you just need to relax and unwind, take time out away from the stresses of everyday life.  Therapy comes in many forms, sometimes just sitting with some calm animals, in this case our Herdwick sheep, surrounded by nature in the peace and quiet is therapy in itself.   


Our Herdwick Sheep are great company, they love to come and say hello.   Just being in their company surrounded by nature is a way to unwind and feel your stresses just disappear.  Great for mental health and well being too.

Our Herdwick sheep are great listeners although we can't guarantee they won't wander off when they have had enough.  

What you will do 

You will be able to learn a little bit about this lovely breed of sheep and their history, enjoy a cup of tea, before then being able to feed them. After this you will be able to sit with them and enjoy their company and take some great photos.  

Who is this for

This experience is for anyone who loves nature, and this lovely breed of sheep and wants to get to know them.  Enjoy being in their company in quiet and peaceful surroundings.    Perfect for some time out, heath and wellbeing or just because you want to hang out with the herdwicks.


This experience is not suitable for young children as its about relaxing and unwinding, it is more suitable for older children and adults who want to come and unwind and be up close to these lovely smiley herdwick sheep.  

To Book this experience please email

You can book and be part of a small group or on your own.

The Herdwick Gang


Handsome Ben

Gentle Jack


Sweet Maisie


Poppy Cotton Tail

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